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Acrylic toenails accretion involves several steps:

  1. First, prepare your toenails to the simulation. To do this, disinfect your toenails and perform dry nail polish (if necessary). Also you need push the cuticles and remove the pterygium. Lift the free edge of nail sawing with abrasive on the 180, then grinders’ proshlifuyte nails. You need remove dust from the nail plate with special brush and the skin around the nail. Apply product to clean the surface of the nail plate and let dry.

  2. Set the form of glue ears to create a perfect "C-bend" the future of the nail.

  3. Then, in a special container, glass or ceramic, you need pour liquid and dip the brush in a glass with the monomer. Carefully squeeze the liquid to brush remained practically dry. Then type ball camouflage pink powder. It should look like a hedgehog - on the perimeter must remain untreated liquid particles of powder, barely holding on to acrylic bead. Otherwise, if the ball will be more humid, you can not work because the acrylic will be spread on the form and nail, especially if you use a bright white powder. Wait until the liquid acrylic bead soaked, and apply acrylic nail plate. Distributes it smooth the motion of the free edge and the zone of the cuticle, leaving 1 mm from the edge of the cuticle.

  4. Dab the brush in the liquid, wring out the excess on the edge of the cup and ball type bright white powder. Pour acrylic form, specifying the length of the free edge. Usually it is not more than two-thirds the length of the nail bed. Push the acrylic to the free edge and spread to the corners "smile lines", it also trim the sides. To finish the ends of "smile line" take a very small balls of bright white acrylic. When the correct consistency beads marble effect does not appear either on a white or a pink acrylic. It does not matter which way to apply acrylic and what techniques to use - of course the quality and properties of acrylic remain the same, will not have air bubbles and air pockets. After the "smile line" completed, it must align the end of the brush. Do you have enough time to correct mistakes.

  5. In the same way type ball pink powder. Starting from the zone of the cuticle and ending with the free edge, completely covering the free edge, cover the nail plate with pink acrylic. At this stage it is necessary to form an arch nail: the highest point should be in the stress zone and gradually to fade to the free edge. In areas of cuticle to lay out a bit more of acrylic, then the thickness of the acrylic at the cuticle area and gently cut away file away.

  6. Remove with tweezers to form S-bend "the sides of the free edge, fill in acrylics.

  7. Cut off a free edge, the sides and surface of the artificial nail. Abrade and polish the nail.

  8. Apply the oil on the cuticles and gently rub it. Then hands are washed and wiped dry. On the nail can cause the protective coating, or the usual glossy colorless, or just polish your nails. Coat nail polish has not lost its popularity and is always relevant. For acrylic nails make better use of finely ground powder, it helps to avoid air bubbles, regardless of consistency and volume of the acrylic ball.

Below is a video on how to make acrylic nails at home. Also this video actually for acrylic toenails.


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